Yummy World Snack Attack 1.5″ Blind Bag Keychain, One Random



Hold on to your hats, it’s a snack attack! Sprinkletree is making way for a fun filled bunch of sometimes sweet and sometimes savory characters with the all new collectible Yummy World Sweet and Savory Keychains. Each figure measures approximately 1.5-inches tall and comes blind bagged so you don’t know which character you’ll get until you open it up! There are 16 different keychains in this assortment. Which one will you get? Collect them all! Includes one (1) random blind bagged keychain. Possible figures include: Peanut Butter Apple, Cheese and Cracker, Banana, Pretzel, Bacon, Fruit Snack, Salsa Bowl, Gummy Worm, Sno Cone, Celery w/PB & Raisins, String Cheese, Curly Fry, Churro, Popcorn, Cheese Ball or Round Pretzel.