Yu-Gi-Oh! Limited Edition Embossed Metal Keychain | Millennium Eye




Enter the dueling world with this limited edition Millennium Eye keychain. This magical artifact is one of the seven Millennium Items in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. While this collectible key ring accessory won’t give you the ability to reads minds or look into a person’s soul, it does make for a magical accessory.

The heavily embossed pendant features the iconic Millennium Eye, including the artifact’s signature golden design. Fans of the anime will enjoy the exquisite molded detailing of this keychain. The heavy-duty craftsmanship is made with a durable metal-plated design, so you can safely take this accessory with you into any duel. The backside of the embossed pendant is individually numbered.


Almost as rare as the Millennium Eye itself, this collectible Yu-Gi-Oh metal keychain is limited to 9,995 worldwide. Unlike its portrayal in the anime series, you don’t have to remove any part of your body to wield this limited edition accessory. Complete your Yu-Gi-Oh collection with this officially licensed Millennium Eye keychain.