UGears Mechanical Models 3D Wooden Puzzle | Pendulum


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UGears Mechanical Models are self-propelled, mechanical wooden model assemble kits. These designs are inspired by real-life mechanisms. The team believes that building these beautiful working models should be fun. They have dedicated their engineering know-how, meticulous product testing and quality control to a single goal: Ensuring that the models provide an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family. The pendulum is a straightforward and reliable device for timekeeping. Its working principle is based on the model’s constant oscillation amplitude caused by the force of gravity (weight) and the potential energy of the rubber band. The rubber band powers the mechanism of the model and compensates for the kinetic energy loss while the pendulum oscillates. The device is driven by means of a gear unit with a wind-up wheel. Pendulums are used in mechanical clocks as an element of the launch mechanism and to assure a steady rate of ticking. In music, metronomes use pendulums to help musicians practice playing to a regular pulse. Pendulums are also used in geological surveys, in seismography, sports and during lab research in mechanics and physics.