UGears Mechanical Models 3D Wooden Puzzle | Motorcycle with Sidecar


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UGears Mechanical Models are self-propelled, mechanical wooden model assemble kits. These designs are inspired by real-life mechanisms. The team believes that building these beautiful working models should be fun. They have dedicated their engineering know-how, meticulous product testing and quality control to a single goal: Ensuring that the models provide an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family. This motorcycle model is a dual sport motorcycle prototype, first produced in the 1950s of the 20th century. Like a real life scrambler, our motorcycle models are equipped with a suspension fork and pendulum suspension on the front and rear wheels, so they can be mounted quickly and firmly. Like all of our 3D wooden puzzles, this motorcycle model kit is driven by a rubber band motor attached to the wheels via the belt coupling. Turn the winding key once and the motorcycle will cover a distance of 3.5 meters.