Tornado Costume For Adults and Tall Teens One Size Only Fits Most



Really looking to blow away your friends and family this year for Halloween? Then look no further than the tornado adult pullover costume. It is made in the UK with great care and style, making sure you will be spinning the room upside down. This pullover is one hundred percent polyester and will be sure to win you best costume year after year. This one size adult grey pullover will make a storm at the next party, blending fun and chaos all in one twist. Featuring cows, fences, barns, and leaves on the costume sown in perfectly creating a spooky effect that is perfect for Halloween. Pullovers are hassle free, accessible, and easy to get in or out of. Just think, finally an adult onesie that requires no mess, assembly hassle, and is family friendly at an affordable cost. Turning heads has never been so easy. With the tornado grey pullover costume you can slip in and out with ease while being a hit at the function. This costume is a one-hundred-dollar value for only forty-nine dollars– a deal you cannot beat. Orion is a highly reputable brand that mixes fun and spooky for the perfect costume for any occasion. What are you waiting for, order yours today.