The Office Dunder Mifflin Logo Enamel Pin | Perfect Gift For Fans Of The Office


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The Office has sparked more than a fandom, it’s created a family from those of us who simply cannot get enough of Jim, Dwight, Pam, Michael, and more. The crew of Dunder Mifflin has been invited into our homes on a near-daily basis and as such, our collections of Office-related treasures never ceases to grow. This Dunder Mifflin logo enamel pin is a subtle yet effective way to showcase your passion for a better paper. Spread the fandom for The Office wherever you may go using this iconic Dunder Mifflin logo.


From hats and jackets to backpacks and corkboards, there’s always a spot to place a pin. With so many options to choose from, Dunder Mifflin takes the guesswork out of what makes a quality pin. Fans of The Office everywhere will comment on your style and clearly superior performance as you sport your Dunder Mifflin logo. Make every moment worthy of Michael Scott with this quality metal pin. With a beautiful trophy-like enamel finish, you can even use these pins as your own personal Dundie awards.