The Handmaid’s Tale Authentic Robe & Hat Costume | Perfect Outfit For Cosplay




Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu Original Series will absolutely love this replica outfit belonging to a handmaid of Gilead. While the circumstances of which a handmaid has to endure are anything but ideal, the strength portrayed by handmaids such as June is inspirational to many adoring fans. Stand against oppression and suffrage. Rebel for your liberties and stand in solidarity with your fellow sisters, handmaids, and oppressed with this beautifully crafted handmaid’s robe.



Made from some of the finest materials that Gilead has to offer, this handmaid’s gown is 100% polyester as well as durable. This dress is crafted by HMS who is known throughout North America as the place to go for fashion wigs, costume hats, eye masks and Mehron theatrical makeup. With a quality gown like this handmaid’s dress, it’s sure to be a collector must-have for fans of the hit Hulu series. Grab your own handmaid’s dress for your collections or simply adorn it for your next handmaid’s tale-themed event!