Starry Sky 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle | Starry Night Puzzle 1000 | Van Gogh Puzzle


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When the last stroke of the brush lifted off of the canvas, Vincent Van Gogh had created a masterpiece and Starry Night was born. This Starry Night Van Gogh puzzle is the perfect way to share your love of art and your love for a challenge with your loved ones. Spend an evening with the family with one of these fun puzzle games for adults and older kids. Rated for ages 14+, these can be more difficult puzzles for adults to work through but that is all part of the fun! Enjoy the challenge with your loved ones and piece together the masterpiece that is the Starry Night puzzle!


Puzzles for adults and kids come in all shapes and sizes but rarely are they sized in comparison with an artwork masterpiece! This particular Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle frames the famous work of art inside of a 27.5 x 20-inch border. But as the brushstrokes connect and the Starry Night swirls form, this Vincent Van Gogh puzzle captures your imagination and sense of wonder enticing you to complete more of the picture. With 1,000 pieces to work through this space jigsaw puzzle is actually just a disguise for a fun-filled evening with the family or friends as you work together on one of the best puzzles for adults and kids!