Star Wars: The Mandalorian, The Child “Baby Yoda” Enamel Pin Bundle B | Set of 3


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Collect your precious cargo with this officially licensed Grogu 3-Pack Pin Set from Star Wars. The adorable star of the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian goes by many names — Grogu, The Child, Baby Yoda. Whatever you prefer to call him, the one thing we can all agree on is that this pint-sized Force user is downright adorable. Now, you can take home “the asset” with this collectible enamel pin pack.

Featuring three unique designs, each pin represents a popular Baby Yoda internet meme. The perfect size for collecting, each of these pins measure approximately 1.3 x 1 inches. Customize a variety of items with your Star Wars fandom, including hats, backpacks, purses, and much more.

Whether you want to grow your personal Mandalorian collection or gift the set to a fellow fan, these must-have pins are sure to delight any fan. This fun bundle is the perfect way for anyone who loves a galaxy far, far away to show off their Baby Yoda fandom. Grab your bounty, and take home this collectible Grogu 3-Pack Pin Set today!


  • The Child “When Your Song Comes on” pin (1)
  • The Child “Power Nap” pin (1)
  • The Child “This Is My Good Side” pin (1)