Star Wars: The Mandalorian, The Child “Baby Yoda” Enamel Pin Bundle A | Set of 3


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Collect your precious cargo with this officially licensed Grogu 3-Pack Pin Set from Star Wars. As the tiny green companion of The Mandalorian, this adorable foundling goes by many names — Grogu, The Child, Baby Yoda. Whatever you prefer to call him, the one thing we can all agree on is that this pint-sized Force user is downright precious.

This collectible enamel pin pack comes with three unique character designs of The Child, featuring the star of the hit Disney+ series in a variety of adorable poses. Each enamel pin features a different stylistic touch, including Grogu wearing his signature robe look, riding in his hover pod carriage, and eating his favorite delicious snack — space frogs!

Just like The Mandalorian, now is your chance to take The Child on all of your galactic adventures. Perfect for showing off your Baby Yoda fandom, these small-size collectible pins are great for displaying and accessorizing (Just make sure to keep them hidden from any Imperial sympathizers searching for “the asset.”) Grab your bounty, and take home this Grogu 3-Pack Pin Set today.


  • The Child “Snack Time” pin (1)
  • The Child curious pose pin (1)
  • The Child hover carriage pin (1)