Space Invaders Aliens Zipper Pulls Unique Video Game Accessories | 5-Piece Set




The arcade classic game of space invaders has burst forth from the screen and the aliens are here to take over your fashion pieces! If from jackets to backpacks and anything else with a zipper, these Space Invaders zipper pulls are designed to replace your zipper with a colorful alien space ship from the retro game that the 80s fell in love with. Design your ultimate video game themed backpack or add some vintage flair to your jackets with these unique zipper pulls! This Space Invaders set comes with 5 unique crafts to decorate your life!


Combining your love of video games with practicality, this set of retro Space Invaders zipper pulls is an ideal way to transform your clothes and accessories into powerful statements that reflect who you are, a gamer! Collectors of all things Space Invaders and vintage arcade classics will easily find a home in their collections for these unique zipper pulls. Fans of the legendary arcade classic will simply love the novelty of these unique collectibles. Grab your own set today or gift one to the arcade bandit in your life.