Schoolhouse Rock! I’m Just A Bill And Law Pin Set | 2 Inches | Toynk Exclusive


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As Bill sits on the steps of Capitol Hill waiting to become a Law, he encourages everyone to go out and vote! This vote pin set reminds us of just how important the legislative process can be. Any Schoolhouse fan can recite the, “I’m Just A Bill” song and be reminded of Bill’s important message. Without voting, laws can’t be made! These pins perfectly capture the charm that is Bill and with just one glance, you’ll have Bill’s famous song, “I’m Just A Bill,” playing in your head. Schoolhouse Rock fans will love the nostalgia that comes rushing back with these vote pins. Take home the Schoolhouse Rock fandom and decorate your personal items or simply add Bill and Law to your collection of Schoolhouse Rock treasures!


Vote buttons and pins are iconic and a great way to flaunt your dedication to a cause or your favorite social icons. In the case of this Schoolhouse Rock pin, you have the opportunity to carry your favorite characters, Bill and Law, around with you wherever you go! These quality enamel pins also make a wonderful addition to any collection of pins and other assortments. Wear your pin with pride and decorate your hats, shirts, jackets, backpacks, and anything else that could use a dash of personality straight from your personality! Grab your pin today!”