Rick and Morty Collector’s Enamel Pin, Sexy Summer


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The cartoon that grown-ups have come to love, in their own cynical way.

Rick and Morty, the popular definitely not-for-kids-aimed-at-adults animated kinda-sorta science fiction sitcom, debuted on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim program and quickly gained a fan base. As all fans who’ve found it know very well already. So, since you already follow the series about the misadventures of genius, egotistical and nearly psychotic mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted, brave but shall we say, impressionable, teenage grandson Morty Smith and their interdimensional shambolic shenanigans, you’ll definitely want to signal across the dimensions (well, room or cubicle hallway, anyway) your in-the-know fun to other fans. Just pop one of these surprisingly discreet (which is a good thing, given their subjects), compact and very accurate pins into your cart now.