My Hero Academia 3-Inch Funko POP Pin | All Might


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As a true beacon of hope, there is a reason All Might is revered as the “Symbol of Peace.” His selfless nature and unbreakable spirit solidified him as the No. 1 Hero until his early retirement at the hands of All For One. Now, All Might is passing on his knowledge (and Quirk) to the next generation, but if you ask us, he’ll always be our No. 1 Hero.

Still in action, All Might is bringing justice in Pop! Pin form. Inspired by the smash-hit anime series My Hero Academia, Funko is giving the legendary hero a makeover with a Pop! character portrait. On the backside, use the three butterfly clasps to pin All Might onto your bookbag, jacket, purse, or other items. That way he can protect you wherever you go. The built-in stand also allows him to be displayed on a flat surface with the rest of your collection.


Funko’s My Hero Academia Pop! Pins are not your average pins. These fun and collectible accessories come in a variety of metal finishes, with unique techniques to help push the boundaries of the designs. Inspired by your favorite characters from U.A. High School, each metal pin features the signature 3D Pop! heads. Many have specialized variant treatments to put them above all other pins in quality and style.