Mobile Mayhem Cell Phone Collage Puzzle | 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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See the growth of mobile technology and put your skills to the test with this fun Mobile Mayhem Phone Collage Jigsaw Puzzle. Measuring 28 x 20 inches, the completed jigsaw puzzle depicts a variety of iconic mobile phones throughout the decades from retro to modern devices.

Inspired by popular cell phone brands that have hit the market over the years, this fun “throwback” collage includes an array of flip phones, androids, and smartphones. Some of the devices featured in the design include the Motorola Razr, Samsung, Apple iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, and even more old school favorites.


Made of easy-fit jigsaw pieces, the sturdy board is durable and ensures a fun puzzle building experience as you assemble the pieces. The precision-cut jigsaw pieces seamlessly snap into place with a tight interlocking fit, allowing you to complete this challenging 1000-piece puzzle at a steady pace with hands-on learning. Stimulate your mind, decompress, and enjoy hours of entertainment. Host a family game night or make it a personal challenge to complete this Phone Collage 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle solo.