Midway Arcade Games Lanyard w/ ID Holder & Charm – Gauntlet



This fun, high-quality lanyard celebrates the classic Midway arcade game Gauntlet!

Lanyard features Defender retro video game art on the multi-colored strap and includes a colorful rubber charm and clear ID holder with full-color graphics insert

This lanyard is perfect for flaunting your fandom at conventions, toting around your keys or displaying your personal identification at work or school. 

Gauntlet is a 1985 fantasy-themed, “hack & slash” arcade video game by Atari Games. 

It is one of the original multi-player dungeon-crawl arcade video games.

The initial four-player arcade version of Gauntlet was released in November 1985 had a total distribution of 7,848 units and a two-player version was released in June 1986.

Gauntlet is set within a series of top-down, third-person perspective mazes. The object of the game is to find and touch the designated exit on every level. 

Founded in 1958, Midway Games was an American video game developer and publisher of many well-known franchises including Mortal Kombat, Rampage, Spy Hunter, NBA Jam, Cruis’n, Ms. Pac-Man, and NFL Blitz. Midway also acquired the rights to video games that were originally developed by Williams Electronics and Atari Games, such as Defender, Joust, Robotron 2084, Gauntlet, and the Rush series. 

Officially-licensed Midway Arcade Games collectible merchandise.

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