Marvel Secret Wars 3D Foam Figural Keychain



Monogram’s blind bagged series of 3D Foam Figural Keychains based on popular Marvel characters continues on strong with Secret Wars! This star-studded wave includes Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord and new Gamora, big baddie Thanos, a female Jane Foster Thor, Black Panther and Black Bolt, two versions of everyone’s favorite wall-crawler: Superior Spider-Man and Miles Morales Spider-Man, along with Falcon Captain America. Equipped with a sturdy silver ring for compartmentalization, these Marvel 3D foam collectible figural key rings are engineered to not only hold your keys safely in place, they will also help to organize your keys and bring some color and fun to your day. Blind bag includes one figural keychain. Figure selection is random. Which one will you get? Collect them all!