Marvel Deadpool Riding a Unicorn Enamel Pin | Comic Con Exclusive Limited Edition



What do you get when you combine Deadpool’s favorite stuffed toy and an alternate universe? Adorable Deadpool!

Enjoy the….well, if not G-rated version, the cute lapel-pin version of The Merc With A Mouth, where he finally gets his wish and rides off into the Marvel sunset astride an actual, ride-able unicorn. The ground- and fourth wall-breaking character, who’s aware he’s a comic book figure, is now cuddly and “Awwww”-inducing. This is pretty much the opposite of Evil Deadpool, not to mention a total parody of the merciless mayhem movie – and he’s fine with that. So display the “new” Deadpool in all its dewy-eyed glory on your lapel, bag or backpack today!