Marvel Deadpool Enamel Collector Pin | Official Sheriff Deadpool & Unicorn Pin




That’s right folks, strap your boots and hide your unmentionables, Sheriff Deadpool has come to town! Fans of the comical Wade Wilson will enjoy his newest persona as Sheriff Deadpool who rides a magical unicorn! Fashioned into a stylish enamel collector pin, this lovable Marvel favorite is ready to join the ranks of your top 5 favorite items ever! Sheriff Deadpool will look absolutely magical when fastened to your jacket, hat, book bag, clothes, and wherever else you might enjoy the merc with a mouth!



Originally released at the 2018 New York City Comic Con, this officially licensed pin was limited to a mere 2000 items! That means that this rare pin will not be lasting very long. If you have a collection of Deadpool or Marvel items, this pin NEEDS to be in it! Not only is it rare, but it’s simply adorable! Add this officially licensed piece of the Marvel universe to your collection or give it as a gift to your favorite Deadpool fan today! Either way, you won’t be sorry!