Marvel Black Panther “Wakanda Forever” Pin | Glow-In-The-Dark Collector Pin




The ever-mysterious people of Wakanda house some of the greatest treasure in the Marvel world. Wakanda is the source of the rare vibranium resource. Vibranium was used to craft Captain America’s shield as well as Black Panther’s armor. Wakanda is also known for its advancements of technology and medicine. Above all else, Wakandan’s pride themselves on their culture. This pin symbolizes the Wakandan King and guardian – the Black Panther. Embossed with the text, “Wakanda Forever,” this pin is the ultimate way for any Black Panther fan to show their Wakandan allegiance.



This Black Panther pin was limited to just 3,000 items during its production. This officially licensed Marvel pin is a rare find and would be an absolute gem in anyone’s collection! If you’re shopping for the Black Panther fan in your life, look no further! This pin is the ultimate unique gift for anyone obsessed with Wakanda or the Panther King! Get yours before they’re all gone!