Marvel Black Panther Kimoyo Bead Bracelet, Blue | Collectible Movie Accessory


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Have you ever dreamed of styling it up like a Superhero?

Let us help! Our Kimoyo bead bracelet are perfectly designed to replicate the advanced technology instilled in an accessory from the movie Black Panther. Featured in the blockbuster movies Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. An officially licensed Black Panther and Marvel product. Includes a certificate of authenticity.

A premium Black Panther prop replica with a sleek design!

Crafted from durable resin (sorry, no Vibranium here), our bracelet is meant to be both worn and showcased in your Marvel memorabilia collection! A quality reproduction of the original Kimoyo bracelet, engraved with Wakandan symbols, matching even the finest details. Includes one blue bead bracelet and package in a collectible case. One size fits all.

Show your love for Black Panther and the nation of Wakanda!

By wearing one of Wakanda’s prized pieces of technology on your wrist! Or gift it to your friend. A perfect present for birthdays, graduation, holidays and more! Our bracelet also makes the perfect accessory for your Black Panther Halloween costume or cosplay!

Calling all Black Panther fans!

Inspired by the powerful beaded bracelet worn by the King of Wakanda, TChalla himself! While our Kimoyo beaded bracelet may not have sophisticated Wakandan technology or be able to control vehicles, you’ll certainly look and feel like a King or Queen!

It’s time to feel like a Wakandan Warrior! 

With our Officially Licensed Black Panther Kimoyo Bead Bracelet!