Lost Series Collectible Button Pin | “Not Penny’s Boat” | Measures 1.25 Inches


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As Charlie scrambles to write out the important information he’s just learned onto his hand, water rushes into the sealed communications room he’s in. Finishing his message, Charlie presses his hand up against the viewing port so Desmond could read his message, “NOT PENNYS BOAT.” This shattering revelation was a major twist in the Lost series plot. Fans everywhere can recall this emotional moment and the quote, “Not Penny’s Boat” has led to some pop-culture art and memes. This button is a perfect way to symbolize your die-hard fandom for the legendary television series, Lost!


Button pins are iconic and a great way to flaunt your dedication to a cause or your favorite social icons. In the case of this Lost pin, you have the opportunity to carry a symbolic quote from the series, “Not Penny’s Boat”, around with you wherever you go! Button pins also make a wonderful addition to any collection of pins and other assortments. Wear your pin with pride and decorate your hats, shirts, jackets, backpacks, and anything else that could use a dash of personality straight from your personality! Grab your pin today!