Karate Kid Daniel-San Deluxe Costume Adult




“Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything” – Mr. Miyagi. Put on your Miyagi Dojo costume and like Daniel, you just might be able to impress your friends with your fly catching skills at this years Halloween party. Even Mr. Miyagi hasnt caught one yet. The Miyagi Dojo Adult costume includes the white Gi as worn by Daniel Larusso at the All-Valley Karate tournament. Top features the logo depicting Miyagis infamous Bonsai tree logo, black belt given to Daniel by Mr. Miyagi himself. So wax on, wax off, or do whatever you have to do to earn the respect and right to become another graduate from the school of Miyagi! Invite friends to dress as Cobra Kai for a Karate Kid themed group costume… Choreograph your battle, brush up on your crane pose and show the ladies the hero you are!

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