Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Communicator Enamel Collector Pin



Heroically collectable!

While Peter Quill was a somewhat reluctant hero, the minute a planet needed rescuing, he was all in. Until his half-celestial parentage was revealed, he was raised by Yondu, boss of the Ravagers, and grew up to be a privateer. And when he was off on client missions, well, he needed to stay in touch with the mother ship. And now the Star Lord’s communicator from his mercenary days is available for fans of the rollicking “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies. Officially licensed, and therefore made to exacting standards, this is a detailed, durable replica of the movie prop. Complete with a magnetic-latch flip box, this faithful replica, scaled down for display size, makes a fan-tastic gift and stocking stuffer for the Marvel fan in your life. Especially if that fan is you.