Golden Girls Collector Enamel Pin Set, 4 Pieces


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An homage to a truly “golden” TV show.

There’s a reason we loved this show. It was smart, funny, and featured relatable, real ladies. It was a real groundbreaker in showing 4 older women not just living, but thriving, and supporting each other all the way. Sure, no-nonsense Dorothy, sweet and scattered Rose, lusty Southern belle Blanche and cranky matriarch Sophia, Dorothy’s mom, would occasionally clash and bicker (which just makes them all the more real and beloved), but you knew they were always there for one another.

A graceful remembrance of four warm, wonderful women, this collector’s set of bright durable enamel pins depicting our beloved Golden Girls is a lovely way to enjoy your warm memories of the show. Not available in stores, so now’s your chance. Add it to your cart now!