Gears of War 4 Crimson Omen Pin | Official Gears Of War Collectible Logo Pin


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It’s been over 25 years since the locust horde was subdued. Now a new threat emerges on planet Sera. Amidst the increasingly dangerous weather patterns, a new locust-like enemy begins to kidnap entire human colonies. The Crimson Omen beckons once again to warn others of the impending new threat, the Swarm. Iconic to the Gears of War franchise, the Crimson Omen logo is now available in the form of this enamel pin. Show your pride and love for the Gears of War series by adorning this logo with you everywhere!



Fans and collectors of the video game series will enjoy this officially licensed Gears of War collectible in their own collections. Easily attach this pin to your coat, jacket, backpack, shirt or other fabrics and let the Crimson Omen shine. Other fans of the game will instantly recognize your sigil and know that you are an essential gear head. Grab your officially licensed Gears of War collectible today or gift one to the Gears of War fan in your life!