Friends Exclusive Chibi Characters 5-Piece Enamel Pin Set Toynk Exclusive


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Make a statement about your love for one of the greatest 90s shows, Friends!

Featuring iconic characters from the critically acclaimed sitcom, these enamel pins are the perfect accessories to decorate your life with, including backpacks, bags, purses, jackets, lapels, and more!

These enamel pins are not your typical pins. These fun and collectible pins come in all sorts of metal finishes, with unique techniques to help push the boundaries of what is normally expected of a decorative pin.

Made of durable metal with colorful enamel inlay, these pins will maintain their integrity for years to come.

Features secure metal stick pin closure on back, keeping it safely attached to any surface you want to decorate your favorite TV show pins with.

Friends is an American sitcom produced by NBC, centering around the lives of its 6 main cast members: Joey, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe. The audience get to follow these beloved characters throughout their lives and adventures in New York City.

The show ran for ten seasons between 1994-2004, capturing the hearts and minds of the world at large for years to follow.

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Sure to make a great gift for any Friends fan or collector!

Officially-licensed Friends collectible merchandise.