Fallout Vault Dweller Pins | Collectible Metal Enamel Pin Set | Includes 4 Pins


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As Vault-Tec gears up to create yet another utopian society to help the new world prosper, they’ve chosen you to be the overseer! Now equipped with your own set of vault dwellers, you can lead this new society and guide it towards becoming true post-war survivors in the wastelands! This set of four vault dwellers includes Vault-Tec’s Vault Boy, the iconic logo for Vault-Tec Corporation and the Fallout video game franchise. Showcase your love for the gaming series with this unique Fallout vault dwellers in your collection!



With not one but 4 vault-dweller pins, you can establish your own colony of Fallout characters and harbor them to safety in the wastelands. Crafted from metal and finished with a beautiful enamel coat, these pins are bound to be the pride and joy that you can flaunt everyday on your jacket, backpack, hat, or more! Measuring at about 1.5 inches tall per pin, these little collectibles are the perfect size to brandish in your collections or clothing wherever you go! Grab a set for yourself and for the Fallout fan in your life today!