Fallout Rad Resistant Perk Pin | Official Fallout Video Game Small Enamel Pin


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When exposure to the wasteland environment makes you more resilient to radiation poisoning, you use that perk to your advantage! As your former vault-dweller hones this perk to perfection, you can experience entirely new areas of the wasteland at a significantly lower risk of radiation poisoning! Take your adventures to the next level and become the new future of America with this Rad Resistant perk! Featuring Vault Boy inside of a toxic waste barrel, this pin boldly declares your heightened resistance towards the dangerous radiation levels found throughout the Fallout map!



Representing some of the most unique abilities in the Fallout video game series, this perk pin is more of a trophy than just a decoration. As players fight their way throughout the wastelands of America, they’ll earn much-deserved experience that can be symbolized by these perks. Each with their own unique ability, collectors of the Fallout franchise can claim this perk along with other available pins! Officially licensed, each pin makes a wonderful addition to any Fallout-themed collection. Grab your pin today!