Enchanted Dreams Fantasy Puzzle By Tara Lesher | 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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Dream up a world of magical fairytales with this Enchanted Dreams Fantasy Puzzle, featuring artwork by graphic designer Tara Lesher. Measuring approximately 29 x 20 inches, this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle features a fantasy-inspired scene that shows a young girl’s dreams coming to life.

As she sleeps peacefully in her castle chambers, the fairytale setting depicts a world of whimsy and imagination. The extravagant bedding is decorated with countless flowers and candles, as fairy dust glitter sprinkles down from above. To complete the enchanting scene, a magical unicorn is shown leaning into view.


Specially made from 100% recycled puzzle board material, the premium construction provides a top-quality building experience. The precision-cut jigsaw pieces are designed to snap easily into place, ensuring a satisfying and seamless interlocking fit.

Bring the whole family together and host a fun game night experience with this challenging jigsaw puzzle, or test your own skills by completing it alone. Whether you choose to make it a solo or group activity, you can be sure that you will enjoy hours of fun-filled entertainment.