Cuphead Video Game Character Enamel Collector Pin


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From the team that brought the amazingly animated Cuphead to life, your favorite video game protagonist can now adorn your bag or lapel.

There’s a reason this game is so popular. It’s really challenging, for a start. But what makes it a true standout in the crowded field of video games is its astonishing animation. Frames are actually hand drawn and colored in, exactly as in the 1930’s that this gorgeous adventure so faithfully replicates, and the sound track is done by true jazz musicians. The result is a gorgeous adventure of colorful, jazzy and vivid, 3-D effect action. And now we’re proud to be able to present an actual three dimensional memento of the hero of this at retro-yet-computer-age adventure. And you don’t even have to lose a deal with the Devil for it. So take advantage of a no-contract, risk-free offer, and add this pin to your cart now!