Alien Queen 6-Inch Q-Fig Max Elite


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QMx’s collection of Alien Q-Figs just got bigger, badder and a heck of a lot more terrifying. It’s time to bow before the queen herself with the new Alien Queen Q-Fig Max Elite! The Alien Queen is a true apex predator of the galaxy and the head of the xenomorph caste colony. She’s larger, more heavily armored and responsible for all those little Face Huggers just waiting to latch onto unsuspecting hosts. And she’s none too happy about Ripley destroying all her eggs. Inspired by the iconic sci-fi action/horror film Aliens, the Alien Queen Q-Fig Max Elite brings you her majesty just as she’s about to exact her revenge on Ripley. This is one massive Q-Fig – the Queen stands 7 inches tall and towers over brave Ripley. Her barbed tail nearly wraps around the entirety of the starship-themed diorama base, and her razor sharp teeth are ready to sever, well, anything. The best part? The base of the Alien Queen connects with the Ripley Q-Fig, allowing you to display them together as they meet in pitched battle.