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Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) was demoted on the bench in the last race, but he will continue to retain the starting quarterback position.

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The Houston Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien (bill O’Brien) announced on Monday despite Mallett in team 21 48 fiasco in the Atlanta Falcons game poor performance, he will continue to serve as the team’s starting quarterback.

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“He is our starting quarterback,” Obrien said. “Like all of us, he knows he’s doing better. We have to perform better. He had to pass more precisely and in protecting net for quarterback more calm, don’t hand over the ball, let’s hit the right attack. But this is our decision to start playing the Indianapolis pony.”

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Malet in the field of 27 pass 12 times (44.4 success rate) to get 150 yards 1 pass was cut, in his third quarter was replaced before the team 0-42.

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Backup quarterback Brian – Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) after the game led the Texans made three touchdowns against Falcon substitute defender, for the team to save some face. And Malet in the first week after the game is so from the hands of Heuer get the starting position. But this time Obrien did not make a change. He also said that a brief break in the Dezhou man’s game against the pony was one of the reasons he made the decision.

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No matter the rest time is long or short, the truth has not changed: people in Dezhou still lack a good quarterback.

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